100% of Gala Lights decorations are manufactured by our experts in-house.

We have control over the sustainability and environmental impact of our products and have been independently assessed against ISO 26000 standards.


Sustainability & Environment

Green Energy

  • High-quality LEDs deliver energy-savings and last longer
  • All European premises use 100% green electricity
  • Maestrio technology delivers 50% energy reduction

Plastic reduction

  • 100% of single-use virgin plastics will have been removed from our offices and manufacturing processes by 2025
  • Decoration wrapping consists 90% recycled plastic

Support Local

  • Use local suppliers to reduce transportation and logistics
  • 100% collected waste is sorted and recovered locally

Waste recycling

  • 89% of waste is recycled in our UK and European premises


  • Decorations use high-quality aluminium which is infinitely recyclable!
  • Paper and wood is sourced from sustainable sources


  • 60% of product development focuses on achieving sustainability commitments
  • Continual innovation in product quality throughout lifecycle

Carbon Reduction & Offsetting

We understand the importance of reducing carbon emissions and limiting the harmful effects of climate change. We have pledged to be carbon-neutral throughout our UK and European premises by 2025.

  • Use low-carbon aluminium made from 60% recycled materials
  • Deliver a greener product with a lower carbon footprint
  • Achieved a 92% reduction in energy consumption for decorations since 2000
  • Deliver a significant reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions

Using renewable energy sources like hydro power during production, our low-carbon aluminium has a reduced carbon footprint per kg of aluminium of just 4kg (less than a quarter of the global average).

We continue to work on lifecycle product innovations to will drive further savings of resources and energy, because we believe that now is the time to lead our industry towards a more sustainable and responsible tomorrow.


We care for our customers, our teams and future generations.

We are responsible in our work with others and develop strong, responsible relations with partners. Good customer service and after sales care sets us apart from competitors.

In 2020 we invited an independent third party to assess our activities against ISO 26000 standards and identify an action-plan for continual improvement, it includes:

  • Championing workforce diversity
  • Conducting annual customer satisfaction surveys
  • Encouraging local purchasing and suppliers
  • Identifying opportunities for people development

Gala Lights is proud to be involved with a number of charitable causes and sports associations throughout the UK and abroad via sponsorship and support.