Full Catalogue

Gala Lights Catalogue Cover 2019

Our latest catalogue includes Gala Lights (Leblanc Illuminations UK) Information, an inspirational Photo Gallery showcasing highlights from our schemes around the world, ‘Wow’ Features including 3D animals, arches and interactive centrepieces and latest trends in Across Street Decorations and Lamp Column Motifs.

Designs include Contemporary Geometric Designs, Bespoke Personalised Motifs, and ranges Inspired by Nature, through to traditional Glittering Stars, Walk-Through Baubles and Christmas Trees.

  • Lighting Solutions - an overview of new innovations (LED lights which are colour changing, remote controlled, or feature sensory additions), Curtains of Lights, Ceilings of Lights, Drop Lights, Icicle Lights, Branches, Boas, Glittering Garlands and Christmas Trees.

  • Architectural Lighting - a range of lighting solutions for Buildings, Monuments and Bridges. It features Internal, Exterior and Façade Lighting, and Gobos.