The Countdown to Switch-on Has Begun

We see thousands of families enjoying their local Christmas light switch-on every year.  Next weekend is one of the most popular times for lights to be switched-on, after Remembrance Sunday and before Advent. It’s great for us to see people gathering to soak-up the atmosphere, relax and spend time with friends and family at this…

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Add Halloween to your Winter Lights

Halloween is the third largest retail occasion and can mean big-business for cities, towns and BIDs around the UK. As a result, we’ve had several customers asking for Halloween to be incorporated into their Winter Lights display. It’s easy to do, and simply requires a little pre-planning to get additional Halloween motifs made and installed…

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Things to Remember when Putting out a Tender

Some Christmas lighting tenders commence in November, so interested companies can review the existing lighting display when it appears for the final time prior to submitting their tender in early spring. However, most tenders are put out at the start of the financial year, or when a BID is established. Every location is different, but…